Rocky Mountain Media Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico specializes in mobile friendly or responsive web designs, web hosting and maintenance services.

Internet design or more commonly referred to as website design is a very competitive industry which includes everything from the cheap WIX websites to the very large, intricate and industry specific designs built for large corporations. The quality and scruples of website builders or website creators also vary drastically and each should be well screened before making a decision as to who to partner with. The best website builders and web design companies will be more than happy to show you their portfolio and provide reviews and testimonials of their work.

Our web design agency’s sites are built entirely on a WordPress platform which reinforces future SEO efforts. Our internet design techniques follow best industry practices to facilitate quality content, high site speed and ease of user flow. Our web developers are very experienced with over 850 websites designed, hosted and managed to date.

All our websites are custom designed to fit to our client’s specs. We offer everything from a simple landing page to intricate, multiple page WordPress designs. Although simple informational websites are the most commonly ordered designs we offer interactive and ecommerce website options as well.

All our websites are designed for future SEO efforts. Our motto is “Why invest in a website that can’t be found?” In that vein we also offer services of professional content writers to ensure a layout that is rich with relative keyword/phrases that Google considers most important based on your industry and local. These designs are considered “SEO ready” when they hit “Go Live” status.

At the other end of the scale we design mobile friendly websites for smaller business that simply can’t afford a large upfront investment. These are called “Minimalist Websites” and are more of a simple informational only design that incurs no upfront cost and can be leased for 12 months at which time you would own it outright.

All WordPress websites require regular management to remain secure and current. To that end we offer free hosting and backups for all RMMS clients who choose to use on of our maintenance plans. These plans have several Tiers and are designed to save you money based on how your requirements for changes and updates on a monthly basis.

Your website is the ‘Face” of your business online and should reflect who you are. We will work to understand your business and help you design a website you will be proud of and that meets your end goals.

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