5 Mind-Bending Benefits of SEO vs Google AdWords (PPC)

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November 18, 2018
December 21, 2020

5 Mind-Bending Benefits of SEO vs Google AdWords (PPC)

When a business is first starting online, they'll immediately get tangled up in one of the biggest questions and online debates - should you focus on PPC or SEO? Some of these 5 benefits of SEO vs PPC might be a mindbender because many perceived downsides of SEO are upsides! Read on to understand why.

1. SEO Ranking > PPC Ranking

There's a constant debate about the effectiveness of PPC vs. SEO. However, what isn't up for debate is that organically ranking at the top is always better than ranking at the top in a paid ad. More people click organic ads than paid ads (source).
Of course, people aren't all homogenous, and some will ONLY click paid ads, or will only click organic ads. However, overall, SEO is the better choice if you want the best CTR as well as the maximum number of clicks.

2. Cost

This is an obvious benefit of organic SEO over PPC. Sure, the cost of PPC might not seem like that much, at first. However, eventually, the costs will catch up with you and can hurt your bottom line.
With SEO, on the other hand, you shouldn't have to worry about costs spiraling out of control. As long as you implement sound SEO principles from the very beginning, you'll be good to go. Future clicks will be free and more effective than PPC. Which brings us to our next point:

3. Credibility

This should go without saying - whom would you trust more? A company that has to pay to get your attention, or a company that stands out based on its own merits?
Often good companies can stand out and rank higher in search engines because they have built up their credibility already. With solid SEO marketing and website design strategies, you'll be able to start building your brand and reputation online.

4. Competition

When thinking about SEO, we often focus on our own business, getting to the top of the search rankings and thus getting more eyeballs. However, another benefit that's often overlooked is that you'll be pushing your competitors out of the way as well. The more you focus on organic SEO, the more you can block out competitors from ranking for different keywords.
If you try to do the same with PPC, you will find that the total costs are impossible to handle. SEO, on the other hand, scales incredibly well when trying to rank for multiple different keywords.

5. Long Term Approach

Some would argue that this is the downside of SEO. However, it's actually an upside! When you utilize an effective SEO strategy, you'll rank higher, and your competition will be playing catch up. Of course, this works both ways. But once you've achieved first page rankings, SEO will be your friendly gatekeeper keeping out your competition.
To keep up with upcoming competitors though, you must always keep feeding this friendly SEO giant, and he should still be there for you in return.


The verdict is clear - SEO is better than PPC is almost every conceivable way. We hope that this article has bent your mind back in the right direction in regards to the benefits of SEO vs PPC.
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