Explainer Videos in Albuquerque, NM

Rocky Mountain Media Services of Albuquerque, New Mexico recommends adding a video component to your ongoing digital marketing efforts. Videos have been proven to increase your website conversion rates, better explain your products and services, and lower your bounce rate substantially. Videos also have a very positive effect on ongoing SEO efforts. Place your videos on website landing pages or promote it virally using social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Why develop a 30 Second Explainer Video? Do you have your elevator pitch down to a science? Why not incorporate it into a high-converting, animated “Whiteboard Video”. Studies by conversion-rate-experts show that when you use it to ‘Pre-sell” your product or service to potential customers, closing rates increase as much as 64%!


30 Second Example

60 Second Example


High-conversion Script

Our copy writers produce a mini-sales presentation from your script to help pre-sell your product and services. We will also incorporate your logo and other PDF’s you consider important to the presentation.

Studio Voiceover, Music & SFX

We hire the best voiceover artists, and use studio quality music and sound FX in all our videos, allowing you to connect to your audience, and build rapport with them as if talking over the phone or in person.

Amazing Whiteboard Animation

When it comes to video, nothing grabs more attention than whiteboard animation. It allows us to express your message in the most effective way possible, without the need for film crews or a studio setup.

One-to-One Project Management

You will be assigned and have direct access to a project manager. You will be able to ask questions at every stage, and provide feedback and ideas directly.

Boost Conversion Rates

By combining marketing principles, we will draw your viewers in, promote your message to them, thereby increasing the chance of providing a successful call to action – by up to 64%!

Improve Website Engagement

Videos are proven to keep visitors on your website longer on average, compared to websites without a video. Videos draw viewers in and grab their attention in a highly effective way, so you can explain you message to them a lot more clearly.

High-Speed 1 Week Delivery

Your HD video will be created within approximately 1 week of project confirmation.


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