Skechers and Shoes on a Shoestring Charitable Donations receive rave reviews

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Skechers partners with APS to provide new shoes to families in need
January 25, 2013
Advertising is Dog Eat Dog in New Mexico!
February 15, 2013

Last week Rocky Mountain Media Services coordinated and oversaw shoe donations which were the result of a partnership between SKECHERS and Shoes on a Shoestring.  The event facilitated the donation of 5,000 pair of shoes to children and families in need in the Albuquerque, New Mexico.




Dear Ms. Riddle and Ms. Basey:

On behalf of Albuquerque Public Schools and the APS Education Foundation, we wanted to thank you for your incredible partnership and donations to the shoe giveaway event on Jan. 19 at Milne Stadium.

I know the Board of Education and Foundation Board of Directors join us in expressing our appreciation.  To be truthful, there simply aren’t words to describe what you all have done for the children of APS.  To have people, both near and far, who care about kids is one of the things we love about Albuquerque, and to have your support only confirms that feeling.

Anyone who has spent five minutes in a classroom understands that education isn’t simply about reading, writing, arithmetic.  It’s also about family and community, not to mention having the basics that make a child a better student.  Putting together an event like this isn’t just about 5,000 children – it’s a statement to our community that all 89,000 kids in APS need every one of us to care.

Thank you again.  The ripple effects of your help will be seen today, tomorrow and for years to come.  You have made a difference.

Winston Brooks
Albuquerque Public Schools