What do we bring to the table? Experience!


One very important area of expertise of Rocky Mountain Media Services in Albuquerque is small business management and retail marketing. We have almost 40 years of business management experience with a specific focus in retail management. We’ve purchased, started up, sold, and managed almost 20 businesses across Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico. Additionally we’ve researched, evaluated, and refused purchase of at least that many more. In several cases this entailed creating a business plan to entice qualified investors to finalize the purchase of the business.

Probably what we really excel at is being a “trouble shooter” for retail businesses. We will take the time to dig into the details of the things that make you tick during our retail management and small busineness marketing in Albuquerque. Whether you want to sell your business or are just simply need someone to review it from a different perspective to help you increase your profit margins, we bring the right tools to the table to help you reach your goal. We can provide a one time evaluation or an ongoing long term program that includes hiring, training, and managing your management team.

This Albuquerque small business management program can be as extensive as providing everything from HR, A/P and financial reporting or as simple as sales and motivational training for your employee base.


In Depth Review

We will delve into the details of your operation to flush out the waste and duplication so you can focus on a new streamlined approach that will allow growth and show a better bottom line.

P & L Review

We will review your P&L statements in great detail to analyze every expense line item looking for ways to improve and save you money. We chart your monthly reports over a 3 year period to address trends (both good and bad) in your spending habits. Expenses such as wages and advertising are reviewed as a percentage of sales volume and compared to industry average to determine if they are at an acceptable level.

Insurance Policies

We can research available insurance policy options for all aspects of running a business including but not limited to health, BOP, workers comp. and liability to insure you have all the tools you need to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Employee / Customer Review

We will interview your employees to get a feel for company moral and interview your customers for a look at how your company is perceived from a consumer standpoint.

Goal Implementation

We will work with you to develop both long & short term small business management and retail marketing goals for your Albuquerque business, complete with event planning and marketing of those events.

Marketing / Advertising

We offer everything you would expect from a full service advertising agency: General branding, Logo design, Ad production & placement for television, radio, print, outdoor and internet. Plus Permission based marketing, Web design, SEO, Social Media, MMS marketing, Mobile Marketing and MUCH more!