Advertising is Dog Eat Dog in New Mexico!

Skechers and Shoes on a Shoestring Charitable Donations receive rave reviews
January 25, 2013
Women’s Specialists of New Mexico – Albuquerque The Magazine
March 5, 2013

“The best Ad Executive in this Dog Eat Dog World of Albuquerque Advertising! Award winning, highly recommended, prestigious corporate references.  His ideas are your corporate branding!”   – Julie Basey

Jackson is the most important member of our advertising team at Rocky Mountain Media Services!  He provides excellent security services for the corporate offices of RMMS and Shoes On A Shoestring.  From time to time he will browse around downstairs through the shoes on his way in and out his office.  Talk about the most effective loss prevention campaign, he’s it!  From time to time he gets a wild streak in him and will start getting frisky barking at Dori, SOAS Office Manager, when he come up with the next  “Big Idea”.

Jack-n-toy-4Dori keeps a plethora of toys at her desk  so she’s ready for him at all times.  Taryn tenders up an apple core from time to time and he will high tail it to her office when she announces it over our messaging system.  Make sure you keep your lunch bags padlocked because Jackson is a food hound he will get into ANYTHING so if you miss him for any period of time he might be having YOUR LUNCH under someones desk.  The advertising world is a dog eat dog world and there is no one better to review radio script or ask for an honest opinion on a tv ad than Jackson.  However he does take his lunch regularly at 11:30 in the Executive Lounge so be sure not to interrupt his lunch with business.  The only advertising business Jackson does during lunch is the business of his nose in his bowl for kibble then relaxes on the couch for a siesta.

One of Jackson’s assets is a wagging tail!  If you have a particular advertising budget that you don’t really care for he will certainly clear that from your table with one swipe of the tail for you to begin again.  He keeps flexible hours so don’t expect him in the office until around 9AM and you’ll know when he’s ready to go because he grabs his leash and brings it to you.  We do have to watch him though he’s quite a flirt with the ladies downstairs who are trying on shoes.  That’s when the sales people get upset and send him back up stairs to his office, he could cut in on their sales quickly.

Jackson has been awarded the Bone Advertiser of the Year for his Wearing Many Shoes Campaign for Shoes on A Shoestring.  Jackson can be reached through his administrative assistants Terry and Dave Riddle at 505-898-3009 or at  Call and make an appointment with the best Ad Executive in this DOG EAT DOG ADVERTISING WORLD!